President Toru Matsuo
President Toru Matsuo

Japan's space exploration activities commenced with the development of the "Pencil Rocket". Despite encountering numerous difficulties, Japan's space development activities grew rapidly and have culminated to the advanced state that exists today.

The year 2010 was the year in which Japan's highly advanced space technology was demonstrated with the 'Hayabusa' spacecraft returning to Earth from its deep space mission to the asteroid 'Itokawa'. Japan's technical expertise is further substantiated with Japan's unique global positioning technique, as provided by the Quasi-Zenith Satellite-1, 'Michibiki'.

International collaboration is exemplified with the final assembly of the International Space Station and collaboration between the ISS partners of Japan, the United States, Russia, Europe, and Canada. The Japanese Experiment Module was successfully attached to the ISS and, with the commencement of long duration stays of the astronauts, manned space activity has truly become fully established.

Japan's HTV, 'Kounotori' , transports supplies, equipment, experiments, etc. to the International Space Station. The H-IIB launch vehicle that launches the HTV contributes to the development of Japan's space activity and to the benefit of mankind.

In the 21st century, Space Engineering Development Company (SED) will continue to contribute to Japan's space development and contribute to the development and expansion of the space infrastructure, which is essential for the advancement and continued growth of Japan's space activities, and to the benefit of mankind.

SED is a corporate member of the eDC Group, which is comprised of industry, education and research organizations. These organizations are characterized by the three domains of, systems development, space development, and IT education.

With the basis of the eDC Group's principle of, “To train engineers with advanced technical knowledge”, which is indispensable for the formation of a highly rich informative society, on an infinite scale. Since SED's founding, SED has focused on business research and development, contribution to society, and has strived to become the successful vigorous and advanced company that SED is known for.